2014年11月6日 星期四

SPD4459 YTM F&B - Isari Kiya Japanese 漁屋日本料理之大團圓結局篇

Sir Wong treated all followers to dinner so as to ask for their forgiveness. On ding ding wanted to placate Mklababy so that he brought her to go have buffet with him. Mklababy also went there with her friends Winnie and Rose.

Isari Kiya Japanese arranged a room for them.

Sashimi came first. The salmons were fresh. The scallops were good, but they were a bit small. The glassy shrimps were also fresh. Hokkigai and  awabi were bouncy. Herrings were also bouncy but they have a fishy smell. The octopuses were just ok. The taste of tunas was bad.

Roll Sushi:The taste of uni hand rolls is similar with mango which was a bit strange. Flame sushi is good in which the sashimi were medium and with incensed cheese.

Roasted lamb racks were soft and tender but the smell of mutton was a bit strong. 

The chicken cartilages were good also. The barbecued chicken wings were tender. 

The enoki beef rolls were rolled firmly and tasted great. 

The beef cubes were burn which were just fair.

The clams of Sake steamed clam were fresh and have a strong sake flavor.

Beef in hot pot used black bean sauce; the bean vermicelli was great which absorbed the marrow of soup.

Fried foods: There were prawn, sweet photo, eggplant, pumpkin and green pepper tempuras which were fried after ordered. They were crisp and delicious but a bit oily. 

It would be much better if you taste the sweet and juicy fried pineapples.

Sugar Heart spa eggs were soft and delicious.

The service is quite good. The foods served relatively quickly and the waiters are polite and willing to help all of them to take a photo.

Isari Kiya Japanese 
Address: Shop 101, 1/F, Multifield Plaza, 3 Part Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: 2724 4808 / 2724 4828
Open hour:Mon-Sun: 12:30-15:30; 17:30-23:30 (Last order: 23:00)
開放時間:星期一至日: 12:30–15:30; 17:30–23:30 (截單時間23:00)

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Yau Tsim Mong District Food and Beverage

Spicy & Sour Noodle and Muzi - Spd4459 Yau Tsim Mong Food & Beverage

When On ding ding and USB eating Friemily, Mklababy found that On ding ding is an undercover.

Then Mklababy was run away, in the meantime On ding ding felt that Mklababy was in the nearby seat. As what On ding ding expected, Mklababy was there. But after On ding ding watch outside, he can't found Mklababy.

On ding ding kept finding Mklababy, Mklababy was too angry and went Heartbreak Sour & Spicy Noodle.

Eat,eat,eat. Mklababy ordered all spicy things so as to put all the spicy thing into stomach.

She ordered three dishes, they are Spicy preserved egg, Beef and Pig Lungs, Sour & Spicy Organic Purple Potato Noodle.

Spicy preserved egg - It was a invisible preserved egg, and different from other preserved egg.

Beef and Pig Lungs -  Lungs absorb all the spicy and stimulate Mklababy to be sad.

Sour & Spicy Organic Purple Potato Noodle - This noodle different from other potato noodle, it much shine and smooth.


Mklababy was too angry, so On ding ding went to buy a sweet soup to make her happy.

 Muzi Dessert was near Spicy & Sour Noodle… “Nice, i buy Ice Taro!” On ding ding thought.

After On ding ding bought the desert, he saw Mklababy.

He shouted Mklababy, but Mklababy doesn't want to meet On ding ding.

On ding ding went and catched Mklababy, and say sorry to Mklababy with Muzi Dessert.

Mklababy felt embarrassed, so she told On ding ding to eat with her.

“WoW, it is too nice, because Spicy & Sour Noodles was too spicy, luckily there is dessert” Mklababy said.

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Yau Tsim Mong Food and Beverage

SPD4459 Yau Tsim Mong Food and Beverage - Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐

After having a meal in Japanese restaurant, Ding Ding suggested having a meal in a Chinese restaurant. Din Tai Fung is famous among the world which is located in Tsim Sha Tsui. This was also awarded Michelin 1-star in Hong Kong.

After receiving a queue ticket from the receptionist, they had a stroll around the shopping mall for almost 30 minutes before they finally got a table. It was not even the peak dining period at six in the evening, but the crowd was already building up.

The first foodstuff was the Steamed Pork Dumpling (Xiao Long Bao). Juicy meat fills inside in a supposedly melt-in-your-mouth skin. The silky smooth dough was made in small batches to maintain freshness. Finally, the dumplings are steamed at the perfect temperature and served hot.

Another foodstuff was the Noodle with minced pork in bean sauce. Despite being a simple dish, they enjoyed the handmade noodle which was cooked to al dente standard, giving it a pleasantly springy consistency texture. The minced pork in bean sauce was itself a very savory-inclined element to the dish.

Another dish was egg fried rice with fried pork chop. The fried pork chop was one of Din Tai Fung's signature dishes, with the thin slice of meat finely marinated with herbs. It tasted very tender and managed to retain the moisture much needed within the meat. The underlying taste was a very palatable savory one.


Shop 130, 3/F, Silvercord, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 
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SPD4459 Yau Tsim Mong District Food & Beverage - 五代同糖 (下集)

After he tasted all dessert , he suddenly thought the mission that he came here....

He continued to order some dessert for the same reason aforementioned...
Firstly... he ordered the chocolate ice-cream with flat rice noodle
為左繼續掩人耳目, 佢繼續嗌野食....

When he first tasted ....he did not feel anything special....
When he tasted twice.,.... he was totally attracted by the creamy chocolate and melted ice-cream....
He clearly identified the brand of ice-cream was coming from the Hokkaido 3.6 milk...
Ice-cream was home-made by Friemly and taste was special that he had never tried before...

The second dessert is the APPLE CRUMBLE.  It has this crunchy topping that is baked to perfection, it was not too sweet and had the right amount of apples inside. The sweet level was acceptable by everyone ...Yes...He was sure about that. 
第二個甜品就係蘋果蓉..... 個面有少少糖霜係面.....但又係完完全全焗到岩岩好....點到即止.... 冇燶冇爛到..... 個蘋果蓉唔太甜.....入面仲有適量嘅蘋果粒係入面添 ! 個甜味係個個都接受到..安丁丁係好肯定呢一點.... 

"I highly recommend this place for Sir Wong that he is looking for good dessert." On said
安丁丁話: 「我好高度推介呢個甜品俾王sir 黎試呀!!!!!!! 因為佢一直都係度搵緊好嘅甜品!!! 」

.....USB was slowly waving out from the kitchen...
On ding ding was waiting a chance to catch him if he could...

USB waved to the near side of On ding ding ...
"Freeze.... you are under arrested .... It does not force you to say anything...but it would be the court evidence if you wanted....!" On said
「咪郁.... 你已經被拘捕....而家唔係事必要你講...但你所講嘅將會成為呈堂證供....!!!!!」安說。
"....What ???? Is you ...? " USB wondered.
「咩呀??? 粉腸????」USB好驚訝咁話。
"You are under suspicion ....You own this store to be the Drug manufacturing factory .... Please follow me and back to the police station now ..." On said.

"What.... I went to toilet only .... " USB answered..

"Ring~~~ Ring~~~ Ring~~~ " On's phone rang,

"What...? It's a misunderstanding?"  On was talking to Sir Wong...
「咩呀...? 誤會...??」安定定同王SIR 講電話。
"Er,,, Sorry... It is a fault...Um....." On said

"It 's okay ..... Let's enjoy dessert together !!!!!!!" USB invited and said

They ordered a special dessert called --- Snowflake ice and strawberry 
The snowflake ice was just the usual taste, however the hot strawberry crumble was quite good, the strawberry was diced and soaked in chocolate syrup.
呢個綿綿冰同平時嘅冇咩分別....但係配上熱嘅士多啤梨就好特別....又幾好食添!!! 士多啤梨再配上甜甜嘅朱古力醬真係好夾呀!!!

If there was ice-cream or custard, it would have been perfect. Although it is not the traditional strawberry crumble, but it was interesting with strawberry syrup.
They loved such dessert much and they started to be friend....
At that moment.... Mklababy was sitting near them .... and she heard and saw the whole scene .........
係呢個時候......... Mklababy原來一直坐左係附近..........佢目擊晒成件事..........

2014年11月5日 星期三

SPD4459 Yau Tsim Mong District Food & Beverage –五代同糖(上集)

On Ding Ding received Sir Wong's call and recognized that USB would appear in Friemily in Mongkok.

On ding ding followed USB's steps... they walked through many streets from Yau Ma Tei to Mongkok... Finally, USB really walked into a dessert shop called --- FRIEMILY!!!
安丁丁跟住USB, 佢地行左好多條街...由油麻地去到旺角....最後, USB真係行左入左間糖水店--- 五代同糖!!!

Friemily waslocated in No.38 Shan Tung Street, Mong Kok which was famous with its own home made dessert. USB walked in the store and lost suddenly... 

On Ding Ding looked around and sat down front to the entrance window silently.
He was wondered about where did USB go.... He investigated the environment of the store and had a sparkling idea --- "The inside kitchen of the store was a Drug Manufacturing Factory"!
安丁丁周圍望跟住靜靜地坐左係入口近 個位
佢一路監察舖頭嘅 環境,...佢突然間有個idea!!!

On ordered some dessert in order to cover other's curiosity

Firstly, he ordered the coconuts with egg white. This dessert smelt good and the texture is smooth. Every taste could feel the flavor of coconuts, very good!
首先 , 佢叫左椰皇燉蛋白。 呢款甜品用真既椰黃加上蛋白一齊燉,除左好香又幼滑外 , 每一啖都有淡淡既椰子香 , 非常好味 !

The next dessert was Molten Chocolate Cakes, which was one of the famous dessert in五代同糖. The outer layer was crispy, the amount of liquid chocolate are enough. This was most suitable for the fans of chocolate!
第二款甜品係朱古力心太軟 , 亦係五代同堂既招牌甜品之一 心太軟經過焗後表面變得香脆,而內面既朱古力流心份量都好多 , 朱古力迷吾可以錯過

The next dessert was Pudding, which had 6 pieces in a box. All of them were contained in the eggshell, and the taste was full with the taste of cream, which made the taste very delicious.
第三款甜品係雞蛋布丁 , 一盒有六個 , 每一個都係由蛋殼裝住 , 賣相特別。 而布丁有濃濃既奶油味, 令味道又豐富。

The last dessert was Green Tea Ice. In this dessert, there were some marshmallows and coconuts etc. The taste are outstanding with these ingredients.
最後一款甜品係綠茶雪花冰。 當中加入棉花糖 , 椰果 等等既配料 , 令食落口既口感更多層次。 呢款甜品最岩鍾意綠茶既朋友 ~

東京站 章魚小丸子
Address: No.38 Shan Tung Street, Mong Kok.
Open Time: Monday-Sunday

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Yau Tsim Mong District Food and Beverage

2014年11月3日 星期一

品尚横浜ラーメン (品尚橫浜拉麵) - SPD4459 Yau Tsim Mong District Food & Beverage

Today, Angelababy dates her friend, so On Ding Ding has his dinner alone.

The design of shop is Japanese style. On Ding Ding likes Japanese Cartoon very much, meanwhile, he saw Yileraman on the menu which is cartoon character Naruto's favorite. Finally, he ordered a sour taste pork ribs and Yileraman.
一入到去,店舖裝潢相當具日式風格。安丁丁身為一個宅男,自然對日本文化有相當濃厚嘅興趣。呢個時候,竟然比佢見到餐牌上面有日本動畫火影忍者入面主角最中意嘅拉麵 - 一樂拉麵!

Ding Ding can see the show of fried pork that is very attractive.

Sour taste pork ribs, crisp and delicious, which has sour taste eliminating the greasy.
黒酢排條, 非常香脆可口,酸味令油膩感全消。
Yileraman, seems the same as cartoon,fried pork and Soft-boiled eggs are very juicy.

品尚横浜ラーメン (品尚橫浜拉麵)
Address: 235 Temple Street, Jordan, Kowloon.
地址: 佐敦廟街235號,佐敦地鐵站C2出口(澳洲牛奶公司過兩條街)

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Yau Tsim Mong District Food and Beverage